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Our July Kinase Profiling Campaign compound submission deadline is June 19th. If you are looking for screening, direct inquiries to Olga Issakova.


Nanosyn, provider of Discovery on Demand  services, is a medicinal chemistry and biological services contract research organization providing made-to-order focused compound libraries, hit-to-lead optimization, medicinal chemistry services and other innovative solutions to meet your drug discovery needs.

Our proprietary technology allows us to provide superior chemistry and biology services that effectively accelerate the drug discovery process for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

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Latest News
   Nanosyn's kinase profiling campaign begins July 1st. Submit your compounds by June 19th and get the highest quality results in the industry against 250 kinase assays. Click here for more information. 
May 22nd, 2015 - GlaxoSmithKline's presentation from the 2nd RSC Symposium on Chemical Biology for Drug Discovery highlights Nanosyn's capacity for vital research, accuracy, and the delivery of high quality data. Click here for more information. 
April 14, 2015 - Nanosyn and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Announce Achieving a Significant Milestone in Developing New Therapies for MLL Leukemia.  Click here for more information.