Process Research & Development

Seamless transition from discovery to development

At Nanosyn we are focused on and capable of solving the most challenging chemical development issues. Our process chemists participate in discovery chemistry projects (stage appropriate) to ensure seamless transfer from discovery to development.

Technical Expertise

Nanosyn chemists have extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and specialize in optimizing medicinal chemistry routes for efficiency, safety and cost. Average industry experience is 24 years (Roche, Xenoport, Aventis, Stanford Research Institute).

Committed to quality and client satisfaction.

Efficient, effective communication is fundamental to the success of all client projects. Weekly update teleconferences or in-person meetings provide an opportunity to discuss any challenge. On-time delivery of results and materials is second only to ensuring their quality.

Highlights of our Capabilities

  • Route scouting and selection (10-20g proof of concept lots)
  • Process improvement and optimization
  • PAR (Proven Acceptable Range) study of reaction parameters
  • Hazard and safety evaluation
  • Custom synthesis of intermediates
  • Synthesis of analytical references and standards
  • Phase appropriate analytical development
  • Process scale up demonstration via manufacturing of engineering lots
  • Non-clinical lots for toxicology studies

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