Medicinal Chemistry

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We can design and carry out an entire medicinal chemistry program, including the design, synthesis and scale-up of proprietary drugs to explore or support a client’s theory of mechanism of action on a receptor or enzyme.

Nanosyn scientists are ready to help in designing potential drugs from a known crystal structure supplied by the client. This may be an interactive effort with the client or a full exploratory medicinal chemistry effort depending on the client’s needs.

Our focused libraries platform enables highly efficient support of high speed hit expansion and  hit to lead programs. It is supported by rapid access to starting materials - in house chemical stock of more than 30,000 reagents.

Technical Expertise

Nanosyn scientists have extensive experience in the life sciences industry: involved in the discovery of innovative medicines over a broad range of therapy areas.

Our team of highly experienced scientists have decades of experience in Big Pharma and biotech companies and are ready to tackle your most challenging task.

How we've delivered on medicinal chemistry projects

  • Lead Discovery of Novel Small Molecule CompoundsEffective in Restoration of Mitochondrial Function (Mayo Clinic)
  • “Screen to Lead” research collaboration with Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation
  • Leukemia - development of small molecule Menin-MLL inhibitors (Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation

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