Nanosyn's new facility in Hayward, CA

Nanosyn is proud to announce that it has acquired a 40,000 square foot facility of laboratory and manufacturing space in Hayward, California. This is Nanosyn’s third facility and represents a significant expansion for the company.

Hayward, California is located in the East Bay subregion of the San Francisco Bay Area. Nanosyn’s two other facilities are also located in the Bay Area, with its headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara and a GMP facility in Santa Rosa.

This investment not only signifies Nanosyn’s expansion of its API Manufacturing facilities, but more importantly, newfound capabilities in Preformulation and Formulation for its current and future customers.

For API Manufacturing, the facility has a GMP Kilo Lab that can hold 100L glass reactors, and a cGMP Pilot Plant that is planned to house 400L Glass-lined Reactor Trains.

The Formulation GMP Plant and Formulation R&D areas are state-of-the-art and the only of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nikolai Sepetov, Nanosyn’s CEO, said “We have always wanted to help our customers with each part of the drug discovery process. With this new facility, we’re able to serve our customers with superior chemistry and biology services, scale-up and GMP, and now, Preformulation and Formulation. We’re incredibly excited about what this means for our customers and their drug discovery efforts.”

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